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AR App – Byblos Guided Tours

Embark on a captivating journey through time with Byblos Guided Tours, an innovative augmented reality (AR) guided tour application developed as part of the prestigious iHeritage project, generously funded by the European Union. With Byblos Guided Tours, history comes to life like never before as you delve into three mesmerizing epochs: the Roman era, the Phoenician civilization, and the enchanting Medieval period.

Unlock the Past in the Palm of Your Hand: Byblos Guided Tours leverages cutting-edge surface-based AR technology to create an immersive and educational experience like no other. As you explore historical sites and landmarks, your smartphone or tablet transforms into a magical window through which you can peer into the past.

Roman Epoch: Step into the sandals of ancient Romans and witness the grandeur of their architecture, from the towering Colosseum to the intricate mosaics of Pompeii. Byblos Guided Tours overlays AR reconstructions onto the real world, allowing you to witness the magnificence of the Roman Empire firsthand.

Phoenician Civilization: Traverse the seas and unearth the secrets of the Phoenician civilization, one of the ancient world’s greatest seafaring cultures. As you wander along the coastline, discover their trading prowess and explore their maritime legacy through vivid AR projections.

Medieval Marvels: Immerse yourself in the tapestry of the Medieval period as you wander through cobbled streets, visit majestic castles, and experience life in a bygone era. Byblos Guided Tours’ AR technology paints a vivid picture of knights, castles, and medieval marketplaces, breathing life into history’s most captivating moments.

The app was developed under an EU-funded project and basic information about the EU financial contribution under the iHeritage Project.

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Introducing a cutting-edge interactive addition to Byblos’ UNESCO World Heritage Site promotion, ArcheoGame is a captivating immersive experience showcasing the town’s history across three key periods: Neolithic to Phoenician, Hellenistic to Byzantine, and Medieval to Present.



This engaging journey is prominently displayed at the Citadel near Byblos’ entrance, making it easily accessible to tourists and history enthusiasts. Meticulously crafted to bring the historical periods to life, an immersive model with dual projection constitutes the heart of the experience. Visitors can interact with a user-friendly menu, allowing them to select specific eras they wish to explore as they will have the opportunity to step back in time and witness the evolution of Byblos. Modern tools such as 3D modeling and virtual reconstructions breathe life into Byblos’ history as an interactive touchscreen and audio guide offer in-depth information, creating a profound connection to the site’s significance. Powered by Cre8mania, the experience ensures that Byblos’ historical and cultural importance is communicated effectively to a diverse audience.

Incorporating the ArcheoGame immersive experience into Byblos’ tourism offerings does not only engage and educate visitors but also contributes to the preservation and promotion of this precious cultural heritage site. By making history accessible and gamified, Byblos ensures that its past remains vibrant and relevant in the present, fostering a deeper appreciation for its enduring significance.

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