The installation allows the user to enter a virtual lift that moves through space and time. The interface allows the user to go up and down in space, from underground to ground level, from the top view of a house or neighbourhood to the aerial view of an entire city and territory.

When the user reaches a specific vertical level, he can observe it in different periods, from the present to the past.

The installation of the space-time elevator involves the use of custom instruments for interactive immersive projections.

The technical skills are related to the immersive direction and management of multi-screen audio-visual synchronization tools.

The starting point is the decision of

  • which panorama you want to observe
  • from which point of view
  • in which periods
  • and at which heights

We then proceed with virtual shots of the current appearance, at different altitudes, also with the aid of drones equipped for 360-degree panoramic 360-degree gigapixel shots.

The experts in 3D reconstructions then perform the modelling, and realize the panoramas of the past.