iHeritage App

This app uses QR-codes or the visitor geospatial location to activate tangible and intangible information about material and immaterial cultural heritage about trails points of interest.

Visitors can use their smartphones or tablets while visiting the trails. When walking in the trails, they are able to listen and/or watch information about the places they are traveling. Presented data can be related to history, heritage, ecology, nature, memories, experiences, stories and others.

The “iHeritage” app also uses gamification to motivate participation. It is possible to assign multiple choice questions to a point of interest that can be used to test knowledge of the visitor and at the same time motivates the participant to win points to be in the ranking.


Download the app here:


Collection process of honey producted by the Farm Lo Cicero Giuseppe – VR tour 360

Composta di cipolle

Olio piccante

Dieta Mediterranea


OUTPUT – RA PP1 – Dieta Mediterranea