In recent years, a handful of worthy projects have forced us to look at the Algarve not only from a tourist or gastronomic point of view, but also as a territory of wines, brands and references that deserve to be known beyond the summer months. And despite the fact that the dimension is very small, the work that has been developed there is increasingly serious and with frankly encouraging results. Among the most traditional varieties used in the Algarve are Negra Mole and Castelão, for reds, Syria and Arinto, for whites. However, the most recent vines have demonstrated their suitability for making good wines from many other varieties, with Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, in reds and rosés, and Verdelho and Chardonnay, in whites, being good examples.

And what can we expect from an Algarve wine?

Typical characteristics of a hot region, in which the most effective knowledge of viticulture and enology allows for very successful results, which affirm the Algarve as a region that also produces wines in its own right. We particularly applaud the viticulture work, which is certainly being carried out with rigor and thanks to which everything else is possible.

The reds have a round structure and marked fruit, they rarely fall into exaggerations of concentration, they are balanced and respect the equation between the vegetable and fruit components. To praise the search for the freshness they show. Had there been a more rigorous use of the wooden stage, there would have been a rise in the level. The whites reveal a good level and are, above all, delicate and easy to drink. Rosés are very safe, immediate and easy to please, quickly devoured by foreign tourists, are generally well thought out and provide moments of uncompromising consumption.

Revista de Vinhos - Algarve: