The past of Pottery and Ceramics in Loulé is associated with the production of various containers for the home, for transporting water, fishing equipment or materials for building houses. Without interruption in time, potters and ceramists today continue the knowledge of some of the crafts associated with clay, producing tableware and multiple pieces, some more common, others more creative and with design – Today, pottery has reached a more creative and dynamic feel to its pieces. Craftmen use ancient techniques in harmony with current resources and means. In an increasingly competitive market, they are looking for new approaches and styles. The perfection of finishes, the sophistication of the shapes, the originality of the pieces and the commitment put into their promotion, make their productions conquer a prominent place in the tourist and economic promotion of the central region.

Traditional pottery from Loulé is a traditional art that, due to the technique and the quality of the materials, was and continues to be a reference at a regional and national level. The pieces originally produced were highly resistant to contact with water due to the characteristics of the clay extracted from local barriers. Traditional pottery from Loulé is produced continuously throughout the year.

Pedro Jorge das Neves Piedade is currently the only potter to produce traditional pottery from Loulé in the ancestral molds. His sisters Elisabete Rocha, 52 years old and Célia Piedade, 51 years old, accompany his activity in painting the pieces. He works in his workshop, located at Rua António da Costa Ascensão, 18, in the urban area of the city of Loulé.