It is the most famous musical instrument on the coasts of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea one of these is Aqaba, and its melodies and forms are similar in these areas with some slight variation in the number of strings and the shape of the saucer. It is one of the instruments that joined the family of Jordanian folk instruments, and its stings unfolded with the Jordanian vocal melodies that are part of the Jordanian folklore. Folk songs expressing sublime meanings are sung by the fishermen. These songs talk about great humanitarian values like honesty, love and neighborhood. Some songs were short and other were long and this depends on the difficulty or the length of the journey in the sea.
As Semsamyeh became popular as a Jordanian folk instrument, and professional musicians from different generations made it with their own hands.
Despite the expansion and modernity of the city over the last decades, and despite the local cultural diversity celebrated by the city as a result of local migrations, expatriate labor, and social change, As Semsamyeh has maintained its position.

Playing the As Sesameya
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