The Jousting of Ventimiglia is a historical re-enactment, which celebrates the glories of the history of the most influential noble family in the town of Geraci Siculo: the Ventimiglia dynasty, a powerful family that made Geraci Siculo the capital of a rich county. The exponents of this family arrived in Sicily in the XIII century, settling in the Madonie. Soon, the Ventimiglias achieved great prestige and the members of the family held numerous and important positions: Presidents of the Kingdom, Viceroys, Admirals, Governors, as well as forging kinship relationships with various royal families.

The historical-cultural event, which takes place every year in August, includes knightly games, re-enactments of ancient trades, historical representations and processions in period costumes (14th century) with flag-wavers and medieval entertainment. All the events take place mainly in the town of Geraci Siculo, but other neighbouring municipalities also take place with minstrel shows, jesters, etc.

To these are added theatrical performances that stage episodes of life and the most significant events of the great epic of the Ventimiglias, linked to the history of the Kingdom of Sicily, such as the serenade in Constance, the Marriage between the Countess of Modica and the Count of Geraci, the investiture of Serlone 1st Count of Geraci and the proclamation of Geraci Capital of the County.

The Giostra itself consists of a contest of skill and dexterity in fighting on horseback; it is preceded by the presentation of the Knights to the Mayors and the County Authorities, followed by the solemn Mass, the Procession and medieval games of the XIV century at Campo della SS.Trinità. The event, which has been taking place for about thirty years now, celebrates the history of the medieval village, which still preserves the original characteristics and urban layout intact, and which was the scene of crucial historical events for the history of Southern Italy.


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