Tarq is a special embroidery technique that can be done on most types of fine fabrics, such as silk, tulle, linen and Najaf fabrics. The traditional fabric used in the tarq is silk veil, very fine and slightly transparent stretched over a round wooden frame. The wire used is metallic in pure gold or silver without polyester or other alloys. The needle used is not ordinary. It has two holes and is silver plated. Each point made is independent. It is pricked, closed in on itself then cut. All of the points form the patterns that cover veils and Abayas. The patterns, generally geometric in an oriental shape, are directly embroidered on the fabric without drawing. These patterns are very small squares that look like a mosaic.

Tarq is a manual embroidery that is impossible to do using machines. The easiest fabric to embroider is tulle because it is thin, and the needle used is wide and the thread is wide, so they can tear the fabric. However, professional women are so skilled and patient that they can easily handle it, regardless of the type of fabric. Tarq is expensive. The price of yarn is high and the fabric is also expensive. Silver or gold thread cannot be placed on poor quality fabric, also considering the time required to make a veil or abaya.

This craft arrived in Baalbek through a Turkish woman during Ottoman rule, and it was this woman who taught its technique to the ladies of Baalbek. In the past, it was passed down from generation to generation in the Rifaï family in Baalbak. Currently, training sessions are organized by local associations to ensure its transmission.

In Baalbak, the bride wears the abaya, embroidered with tarq, on the night of the henneh which precedes the wedding. The groom’s parents arrive with the tray of henneh. The bride then wears the abaya to prepare for the henneh. When the bride’s hands and feet are finished being decorated with henneh, everyone sings and dances. Then the groom’s parents leave the bride’s house. The bride also wears an abaya on the wedding day.

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