Tagging (branding, wasm) is an ancient social tradition practiced by Bedouins. Jordanian Bedouin tribes have developed a system of communication that involves a set of symbols and expressions that have taken on cultural and historical dimensions, including the tagging that distinguishes each tribe from the other, and the marking that distinguishes each clan from the other within the same tribe. Each tribe is usually known by a tagging in the form of a sign or logo printed on the cattle skin and other animals (A major tagging characterizes the animals of the tribe, and below it a smaller sub-tagging characterizes each clan within the tribe). The symbols of Tags are used to signify solidarity of tribes since they constitute significant part of the life of these people. The symbols are used to delineate territorial boundaries and brand property. They are used to signify authority and organize relations with neighbors.
Tagging is not just a signal of distinguishing, it is closely linked to the Arabic letters and numbers because of the big similarity between the forms of tags and the draw of letters and numbers, which means that the old connotation for tags differs from each other at the present time, in which it became a tradition without paying attention to its ancient origins.
Tagging the livestock is used to signify authority over animated objects, Al Tag is not only an animal brand, but also a tribal symbol used as a territorial mark. Al Tag or tribal sign is restricted to a specific tribe and cannot be used by others. It is depicted on a specific part of the body like the face, shoulders or thighs. An iron rod, with a certain drawing representing the tribe on its bottom, is heated on fire and then placed on the part of the animal, sometimes they place the tag either on the ear or the faces of animals. Some tribes may cut the ear of animal or cut a part of it.
The livestock breeders start to mark their animals early from the time of their birth. Some of them tag their animals one time after the season of birth and some seasonal events are dedicated to this occasion. The breeder invites his friends and relatives to help him in counting his newly born animals.

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