Traditional festival in honor of São Luís, Santo protector of animals is a specific festival in the village of Querença. It has a religious component, the mass followed by the procession, and another festive one associated with gastronomy, smells and flavors and handicrafts.

The celebrations are organized and prepared by the Parish Festivities Commission, by the Parish Council, with the support of Loulé City Council. This organization is associated with the Casa do Povo de Querença, the restaurants and the only café in the village. The Festival, despite the fact that in the morning the participants begin to arrive who are «snacking» at the various «stalls» selling roasted chorizo, bread and wine, it starts in the afternoon with a mass in the church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, followed by the solemn procession that runs along the street between this church and the hermitage of Pé da Cruz, returning again to the church from which the two stalls came.

The litters are that of São Luís and that of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Mary. In other times, the men of the families who made the greatest gifts to São Luís had the honor of carrying the litter. The highlight of the festivities takes place in the churchyard, where the table with chorizas is located and the auction of the offerings begins, as well as socializing between families and friends, snacking on bread, chorizo ​​and wine.

The roots of this festivity go back to a time when, in the interior of the Algarve, families had the habit of raising their pig to sustain themselves throughout the year. It was also a tradition to ask St. Louis, patron saint of animals, to keep the pig in good condition, to ensure food for the household. As a form of gratitude, families offered the best homemade sausages to the Protector.