The craft of ‘Handmade weaving in Upper Egypt (Sa’eed)’ is a complex process that requires time, effort, patience, and skills. Many steps and techniques are involved in the loom preparation, threading, and weaving to achieve the final product. For centuries, men and women have used their inherited knowledge and artistic talent to create embroidered textiles both as a family legacy and as a profession. The basic principles have remained the same as those used in the past, looms used in the craft are typically identical to the ones that are illustrated on the wall of the ancient Egyptian temples telling the story of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship practiced in the Egyptian houses and depending on the natural materials which indicate the sustainability of handmade weaving in Upper Egypt., whether for linen, cotton, wool, or silk. However, workshops that used to weave with expensive silk have gradually shifted to cotton as it is more financially rewarding, and the small narrow looms have been replaced with wider ones, these challenges face the craft and could be overcome by some measures taken by the communities and the local authorities such as increasing planting mulberry trees to silkworm breeding by community members. Handloom weaving is considered as a source of identity and pride for the communities concerned and the persistence of handloom terminology attests to its deep-rooted significance for them. The practice currently faces many challenges, such as the requirement of unused space to accommodate the loom, the high prices of the working materials, and marketing. It is believed that training a new generation of young people in this traditional craft would provide a solution to the escalating problem of unemployment in the communities concerned. Handmade weaving is practiced by adult craftsmen from both genders making mainly bed covers, shawls, scarfs, and home stuff, the craft transmits from generation to generation orally in houses and workshops sometimes in family circles, craftsmanship fairs and exhibitions are one of the main marketing tools for the craft.

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