Date Palm

Jordan has been distinguished for the cultivation of the Palm since the Jordanian farmer started to grow different types of dates like Al Majhul and Al Barhi in Al Aghwar area in the Jordan Valley and in Al Azraq Oases in the eastern parts of the country. These two regions are very suitable for the growing of Palm trees. It has helped people to face the challenges of the harsh desert environment. With the cultivation of palm trees. Numerous associated crafts, professions and social traditions and practices appeared. The cultural value of the tree has shown the commitment of local people through ages. The harvest season of the dates is normally in September where men, women and children participate and overwhelmed with joy and happiness in addition it is accompanied with activities and numerous festive rituals, traditions and customs, men climb trees, women help men in preparing food. There are about half million trees growing in Jordan. These trees provided Jordanian with new career opportunities and helped people to increase their income. For example, from palm fronds, people can manufacture different items like souvenir boxes, baskets, bedspreads, hats some pieces of furniture like tables. Together with linen and wood they can produce beads and bags.

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