It is a traditional popular dish in Jordan known in rural and Bedouin areas. It is called so because the bread is baked on “Al Jelleh” (Al Jelleh is the dried dung of camels and is known for its strong fire and People used them as a source of fuel to cook and bake) Al Mujallaleh consists mainly of yogurt sauce, red meat or chicken, local ghee and whole wheat flour to make tabun bread. In the past people used to bake the bread on firewood or Jalleh. Today, they use modern ovens.
To prepare the bread, the dough is made by mixing flour with water and salt. No yeast is added. The chicken or meat will be cooked in yoghurt sauce and of course, some spices like pepper and salt will be added. Some people add onions too. The dough will be baked into bread which will be eventually shredded into pieces. The resulted yoghurt sauce will be poured onto the bread. Chopped onions and pine nuts will be fried with Samin Balady (local ghee made from natural butter and spices) until they get golden in color. Chicken or red meat are placed over the bread and yoghurt. Finally, the Qadha (Pine nuts and onions fried in samin Balady) will be placed on the top of the dish.
Al Mushawata:
It is the same as the Mujallaleh and the only difference is the addition of tomato sauce to the dish. In order to prepare the tomatoes, one has to cook the tomatoes in boiling water to have them peeled easily. After peeling the tomatoes is being cut, cooked and then added to the bread before soaking it with yoghurt sauce. This dish is offered in special and festive occasions and to honor a new guest.


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