Al Mistagridhat and Qran Al Ajayiz (Loan Days and Old Women Days)
It is one of the traditional stories that are related to winter season which is called “the loan days and the old women days”. These stories have some of the details narrated by local people in the rainy season. The story is about seven days, four days at the end of February and three days at the beginning of March. In the legend there is a dialogue between February and March in which February asks his son March to lend him three days of heavy rain and very cold weather. This will increase the amount of water in rivers and floods. February addresses March saying: “Oh March my cousin adds your three days to my four days and let the old lady flows in the river”.
The tale of this dialogue goes back to an old lady who had six sheep. She went to the valley to graze them in the last days of February and the weather was sunny and warm. She started to sing: “February came and ended without taking any of my goats and we hit on its back by the stick”. The month of February heard the woman and became so mad. February went to March his cousin to ask for lending him three days of very cold weather and heavy rain so that valleys heavily flooded and consequently the old woman drown with her sheep and started to yell:
‘Oh, Floods do not take my sheep for they are pregnant”. It is also said that some shepherds are illuded by the warm weather of February and they went out to graze their animals and they might be surprised with heavy rain.

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