Al Hajleh Game (hopscotch)
Traditional Children’s Games for girls
It is a traditional playground game played normally by girls. In this game, ten equal rectangular boxes are drawn on the ground with white chalk, and one of the girls throws a stone in the first box. She hops on one leg into the first empty rectangle, and then every subsequent empty rectangle. She has to be sure to skip the one her stone is in. In any signed rectangle, she puts a sign indicating her to deprive her opponent of the area of this rectangle to make it difficult for her to pass the game, and the more the player points out the rectangles, the more difficult her competitor will be facing more difficult options. In some boxes she can hop on both legs and the tenth box she turns around and heads back toward the start. If her foot or the stone lands on a line, or outside the rectangular box, she loses her turn and the next player proceeds.

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