It is a game played by young boys during summer and in warm times of the year. It is one of the most favorite games in villages and with which children acquire many skills. The balls have different names like Al Hleiby and Almany.
Children can buy these balls from small shops. Playing can be done through four different ways: This game requires a hole where the kids throw a number of the marbles into. The player has only three trials to throw all the marbles into the hole with his thumb and forefinger and from a certain distance. Otherwise, he loses the game. Sometimes they play it on the basis of odd and even numbers. The players in this case will decide in advance if they want to throw odd or even number and he who throws the right amount, will win. The loser will give all of his marbles to the winner. Another way is by Al Mor, it is a circle drawn on the ground filled with a number of balls divided equally among the players. The players draw a line about three to four meters long. They have to start ‘shooting’ from this distance. Each player wins the balls he can get into this circle.
Another way is called Takh Shibr: (Shibr is a unit of length measured by human hand) This type of game is usually played by two players. They draw a circle and one player has to throw the ball from a distance of three meters away. If his ball comes near the circle to within the distance of a human’s hand or closer than one, he is the winner. If his ball is further away from the circle than a hand’s length, he will lose. The last way is Al Fanna: One of the players toss a coin into the air onto the ground and the competitor has to guess if the upper face is ‘heads or ‘tails’ a predetermined number of balls will be decided upon. If the correct answer was guessed, then the winner wins the number of balls.

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