Al- ‘Arboud is a type of traditional bread. This bread is made by individuals who travel over long distances because it is easy to make. It is cooked directly under the embers of firewood.

The method of Preparing Al-Arboud :

A dough is prepared using brown flour and water, sometimes mixed with thyme and onions. The flour is kneaded with water to make the dough denser than usual bread dough. Then, the dough is shaped into a thicker loaf of bread. After preparing the area and igniting the fire to create the embers, the dough is buried among the embers. It is left to cook thoroughly, and the process takes about an hour or less. Once fully cooked, the ashes are removed from the disc-shaped bread, it is cut, and it becomes ready to eat. This bread can be used for several days. Some people add spices, ghee, and oil to the dough, in which case it forms two layers. The whole process needs one hour. Then ash will be removed from the resulted loaves.

- Archives of the Heritage Directorate / Ministry of Culture
- Intangible Cultural Heritage in Karak Governorate - Ministry of Culture 2017